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Udoo Small Linux Computer For Self Contained Robot


I just found out about this kick-starter project for a small computer which the dual core version is at least 4x as powerful as the Raspberry Pi. They even have a quad core version which is probably faster. It's called the UDOO

It has an ARM iMX6 quad/dual core CPU

I wonder if it is powerful enough to run ARC on the Linux Environment.

This would be useful for anyone who wants a completely self contained robot.

But I am not sure if it is powerful enough, it's no thousand dollar computer, but would it work just as well?


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So i think I mat have found the answer to this question form this post:

Seems like ARM processors are not powerful enough for ARC.

The best way for embedded computer projects would probably be to get a small i5 laptop.

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The more you want to do the more power you need, and let's face it - we all want to do more :D

You're right, ARM processors aren't man enough for the job. Throw a small i5 or i7, something with a lot of grunt to make all that image processing the camera needs all run smoothly.


ARM processors are very powerful;like the one in the 8-core galaxy eek if only you know how to make your own board for them ,then you could load linux on them and make a virtual machine to run windows 8 pro:) only problem i can't find any digram on how to smd solder the qualcomm snapdragon s4 pro used in the galaxy s4 stress

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Good luck with that... I wont be holding my breath for a suitable ARM based board capable of even the basic image processing required by the camera control let alone anything more complex, but let us know how you get on.