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Ublox Neo-6M Gps Indoors

Wish I could get the Ezb to easily see my USB GPS Receiver Antenna BU-353 because it works great in doors.. Anyone have any ideas on getting the ublox NEO-6M GPS to work better indoors?

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The EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller doesn't connect USB devices - however, your computer will. Are you asking if your USB GPS can connect to ARC? If so, maybe someone can help you design a plugin for it - or if you have any programming experience, tackle it yourself.

As for getting a GPS to work better indoors - i think the only answer will be to remove the roof and ceiling of your home:D Hahaha - In all seriousness, any objects affecting the line of sight between the GPS antenna and satellites will affect how it works. The signal strength of the satellite signals is how GPS actually works. So anything affecting the strength of the signal will affect the location.


Thanks DJ.. maybe later I will give it a shot at writing my own code, but I'm starting from scratch. I haven't seriously coded since Visual Basic 3 and then I

I may Just build or buy a really good Antenna for the ublox chip as I already bought one. later if I decide to use the other one I'll see if I can persuade one of the community coders with some gifts or cash to help me write a

Thanks for the reply..;) BTW your platform cut years off my building this stuff myself. I already have an idea for another bot after I finish my first one.