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Types Of Circuits To Drive Relays

this post was for JOSH'S saltware tank design but i making this one for others about using mosfets instead of power transistors using power transistors for switching high current circuits is very old school.

I would use mosfets to turn on the relays,first i see you are using high current coils on the relays Second on using mosfets you dont need a kickback diode on the relay,few other item about using mosfets instead of transisors less heat ,easy to use then transistors,and lower current drive MOSTLY nobody uses transistors any more best way instead of relays if switching AC lines is SSR or reed switch,relays are bad because of RFI across the contacts, Switching DC no RFI problems but higher current SIMPLE SSR is a traic,cap and optocoupler with a led control ,also its well isolated

here is a simple SSR using a very common MOC3011 optocoupler and can drive straight from digital output

MOC3011 SSR circuits


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