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Two Months Ago I Posted Robot 101 , Got The Answer I Was Looking For And I Clos

I am looking for the delete button ...... my postings from this site is showing up in a spam mail folder... When it came to my attention today my first thought was to change my screen name to "Ex-lax" in reference to the smooth move of putting my e-mail address in the post :-( I went in the posting to delete it. I was not able to find a delete button so I may need another screen name change to "RAY CHARLES" .

Have a Great Day
" I Need A Helmet "


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Hello Mr. Sures

Let me start by saying you have a nice company it is a place I would be proud to work for no matter if I pushed a broom or worked in research and development.
The attachment I have added is of the posting I did the edit on to hide the e-mail
address. I wanted to bring it to someone's attention A.S.A.P.

User-inserted image

Mr. Sures I was concerned because I am an inventor I don't make a living at it. My day job is General Motors C.A.M. Room as a "C.P.D." Cutter Path Developer
I can envision how scary a HACKER can be. Believe me when I say I am relieved
that nothing on your end was disrupted. I had a question come to mind while I am writing this and I am sure if you choose to answer, it would be limited for lack of a secrecy agreement or N.D.A.
Mr. Sures I would be willing to sign one in order to ask this question: Would your company have an interest in a self sustained disaster relief personal robots? If I may add this thought : My brother own's an injection molding plant here in Michigan which could play a big role in low production costs, and help in weight reduction. Have a Great Day Mr. Sures

Dave Priebe
It is always a good idea to keep an eye out for internet security hackers. EZ-Robot does not provide a robot building service. However, maybe this is a good use of your EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller! Build one a working robot and share it with us for feedback:)
To be honest, I was fishing for a retirement royalty. But I can still get you a good deal on plastic parts, that you need for your robots and what ever else you make.