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Tutorial 11 - Color Vision Tracking

I need help in this troubleshooting, Ihad created the reference for both EZ_B.dll and FFMPEG.dll to start the tutorial but I can't start it. there is an error in because the program couldn't find the FFMPEG.dll file

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You have missing references in your reference list. Yellow icons are errors. Please fix those. Also, read the included README to ensure you have followed the directions.


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Please stop posting everywhere about adding the DLL folder to your path. That is not the correct solution.:) Ideally, please remove those instructions to not confuse other users new to programming.

When you include to use a library in your program, the library must be accessible. That means, your program must be able to find it. If the library is in a different folder, the program will not be able to find it.

Picture a house... If your coffee maker is located in the kitchen, it will be impossible to fill a coffee cup if the cup is located in the bedroom. The two must be in the same place.

When you have a folder of files, and you execute one of the files - it will be able to see all other files in that folder only.

I don't know any other examples to give you - but hopefully that explains enough:)

You can take online courses for programming... Also there are great online resources for your local educational institution that may be offering night courses. It's great that you wish to program - however there will always be challenges to overcome and learn. There is only so much we can do to help you learn to program... This is why we created ARC:D