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Turning My Camera On And Off

Hello, I bought a camera on line and the inside looks like the Konig that JD has in Wall-e. However I think the on off switch may be dirrerent. ON mine the switch momentarily (2 seconds) grounds the hot lead out and turns the camera on and by repeating the process it turns it off. In a previous thread Nicolosn said to run both the hot and the ground to a digital port and pluging into the ground and signal pins and use a "Set" control to ground it out for a few seconds. Well, it does turn it on for a second but then immediately truns is off. I checked the signal and as suspected it is a pulse. On DJ's he simply took the hot and sent it to a digital port. It works fine if I just ground the wire for a few seonds. I took the battery out so the camera would shut down when off. Is this my problem?

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Dj, How about your new EZ-B camera. How does the on off swithch work on it??


You send a pulse of +5 for about 2-3 seconds, then back to gnd again. Each time you do that, it will turn either on or off.


DJ, Well, as described above that is what I was trying to do however it truns it on but then a second later it goes off. Any idea why?


Try keeping the line high. Don't even bring it back low. See if that helps.

In wall-e for example, i keep the line high for ever because i have no reason for it to turn off:)


Still can't get the camera to stay on. Are you guys leaving the battery hooked up?

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Battery is removed from mine and works exactly as DJ's can you post a pic of the wiring to your camera

Check out this



I kept my battery

Have you connected both +5, GND and Switch wires? maybe it's turning off because the battery has been removed and there is no power to it.

Post a pic of your board with the wires connected. Let's take a look


User-inserted image I am sure I have it right. I think I will try hooking up the battery again. Do any of you have the 4 LED's out front like mine?

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Hi Bookmaker

This camera has IR LED's for night vision so not identical to mine and not sure why you have 4 wires connected? On mine the red servo lead you have cut short goes to the button pin on the PCB the non ground one. That way you only need 1 EZ-B port to power the camera and switch it on and off. In fact it always powered from the EZ-B once the lead is plugged in so you definitely shouldn't need the battery.

Perhaps prod about the button pins with a meter to see what pins do what sounds like you are nearly there though :)


Winstn, Actually the white wire is the hot lead and the fourth wire is just another ground per a suggestion from another board member.


I tried hooking up the battery to no avail. I think the unit is falty. I ordered another one.


Hi Bookmaker, try the sequence in this video, it should work: ON, OFF, Pause 2 seconds, ON.

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Final suggestion from me short out the switch with a solder bridge. Remove the battery and connect to EZ-B port for power. That should mean when you power the camera it will always be on


@nicolson Were you in the bathtub? Great video BTW!


Sorry DJ about the water sound, it's no bathtub, it's the aquarium of my 7 years old Black Ghost knife: "Lightning". When I bought him a few years ago, because it's a blind fish that uses a radar to map its environment, I wanted to use him as a bionic sensor for my robot. I installed probes in the tank to capture and amplify the signal it's emitting in the water, wirelessly send the signal to the microcontroller of the robot and program the microcontroller to scan for any disturbance in the signal caused by a change in temperature, light and sound, thus using the fish as a mutiple bionic sensor for the robot. Unfortunately the fish and I became friends so I dropped the project. And now having the ez-b eliminates the need to use the fish in any robotic project.