Upgrade to ARC Pro

Unleash your creativity with the power of easy robot programming using Synthiam ARC Pro


The price looks good, the unknown factor is what slicers will be compatible with it. Since it is open source that may help with other 3D software.


I purchase Turnigy stuff from time to time and generally have been happy with it. This looks interesting but with all of the 3D printer horror stories, it makes me nervous.

I did see some info in the FAQ:

What firmware is it running? The printer is shipped with a Ramps 1.4 control system running preinstalled and tuned Marlin firmware.

What slicer or CAM software can it use? The Marline/ramps board will work with a number of free slicers or CAM programs such as Slic3r, Cura, Repeater host, Kisslicer, Skeinforrge and many more. We recommend Cura for its drag n drop ease of use and great slicing engine.

Resolution? This is dependent on user defined settings of layer height, speed, and nozzle tip selected. The machines ability is X/Y=.0125mm (80 steps per mm) and Z=.000625 (1600 steps per mm) however layers thinner then .02mm or 20us is not recommended .100 is normal use

File Type? The Preloaded marlin firmware accepts standard GCode

Options or dual heads? The Turnigy Fabrikator was designed for adaption and main parts to be used by a family of printers making future options kits such as a XL kit, dual heads and accessories like .3~.5mm nozzles things to watch for.

What power does it run on? The Printer is destined to take 100~220 volts A/C main in, the power supply is a 12V 29A rating.


Robot-Doc, I am totally green about 3D printing, and not sure what to look for. Thank you for input. . Zap, I have purchased Turnigy LiPo batteries and chargers with no problems. I feel like I need some feedback experience before I purchase, but it is fairly new? I am a little nervous like you about buying one, not having experience with 3D printing myself.

Anthony, Thank you for your input, you have a lot of experience and success w 3D printing.


I've got the FlashForge Creator (Dual Head) 3D printer which is a Makerbot clone and it prints OK with the Makerware slicer and also the ReplicatorG slicer but the best results using freeware so far has been Blender. It was purchased from and had free shipping from China as well as support.

There is now a USA dealer for the FlashForge 3D printer and the newer models from FlashForge. FlashForge USA

The firmware on my FlashForge has been flashed with the Sailfish firmware which is a big improvement over the firmware that came with the printer.