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Turn You Android Camera Into A Wireless Ip Camera For Your Robot

Hi All, Just found this, there were a few apps in the android market place but this seems to be only one I got working in EZ builder.

I just downloaded the app, connected the to the phone with IE, installed the driver from the phone as shown in Option 1 of setting up Skype. I then rebooted PC and configured it to use a webcam in skype and then opened up EZ builder and found the ip camera in the drop down. It seems to work as good as the wireless cam I got with the kit. I'm thinking it will be better quality if you use it in a SDK project and use a larger resolution for the image.

Way more ideas then time to work on them:)

Have fun fellow builders.


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Just a little update to this thread. My initial tests were done on laptop with Vista, the driver downloaded from the phone worked fine on that OS but it will not work on Win7. I was using my phone as an IP cam on a RC car run by EZ-B and tested this app with ARCs facial tracking, it worked and I noticed that the camera image was clearer and brighter then the kit camera. However because they only base the Resolution of the streamed image from the corner of the camera image instead of using dead center you get a centering problem. I tried fixing this by tilting my phone mounting position, but it still wasn't great for head tracking. Also the android app would crash quite frequently.

So conclusion, not bad, if a few things were fixed it would be a good bot cam, but as it stands now I've uninstalled it and looking elsewhere.


Hi Chris, thank you for that great idea. I used it to get my iphone 4s to become the eye for my robot using an App called EpocCam. The image is very clear.


Glad you found a working app, I'm still checking Android apps, but I may steal the wifes Iphone and give this a shot:) also who knows what DJ has planned for the android platform, I might just wait and see :D


The combination of this thread and the AR Drone thread got me thinking about how cool it could be to use an Android as a multi-sensor device as part of a bot, even if only for a manually controlled one. convert the EZ-B to WiFi and use the WiFi hotspot feature of the phone for connectivity to the "home" computer over large distances. Camera, compass, GPS, accelerometer, speaker and microphone all in place on the device.