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Trying To Set Up My Robot On Home Computer

Hey I just took your class, how do i get my home computer to connect to my robot, its hard wired to a wireless router. I dont know where to go , im on windows 7


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Hey @edyts! I saw a bunch of pictures and Twitter comments about the class. Looked like a ton of fun:)

You'll need to put your EZ-B v4 into Client mode. The tutorial is here -
Wifi modes


Your PC will need to have Wifi.... If it doesn't, do you have a laptop or tablet or even cell phone with wifi? You'll need wifi in order to connect to your ezb... then as Alan suggests follow the online tutorial here and put the ezb in client mode.....


@ richard, i have a wireless router hooked up to my computer will that not work, all my other devices connect fine


You need a device like a laptop, tablet or Android/iPhone with wifi for the initial connection and setup of your ezb.... Once you set your ezb into client mode you can then use your wired pc to connect to your ezb (through your router)... Follow the tutorial (the link that Alan posted above) as it will show you how to connect to your ezb (robot)....


@richard, the problem im having is i cant change the mode because the page fails to open everytime, so im stuck using this android app that doesnt really let me be creative.


The ezb webserver page will fail to open if you are not connected to your ezb... I know I sound like a broken record, but the link that Alan posted will have a video that will walk you through the process step by step in order to get your ezb set up... When I first got my ezb this video got me up and running... You will need a device with wifi and a web browser like your Android phone to initially connect.... A laptop or PC with wifi would be even better, but if your PC doesn't have wifi then your phone will have to do....


Ive connected it to my android tablet i still can not get that page to open where i change it to client mode and the app basically has no funcionality unless i want to download other peoples stuff. I click the button on ARC and it fails to load page still


I understand what you are syaing and have watched the video, i have connected to my tablet i have driven the thing around the room using my tablet, i have not been able to ope the ezb webserverpage, i just reset and did all the steps and still cant open that page.


I am so stupid, thereis no button to open the browser page in the app, finally just realized to open a browser on my tablet and type it in manually im good to go now, thanks for your patience and help people.


@edyts You're not stupid so don't worry about it.... Everyone gets stumping now and then when learning new things.... Now you can have fun.... :)


Edyts, I'll make a change to the app and add a button to the config menu page. That's a good idea:)

Spend some time in the learn section. I know there's a lot of stuff in there, but it's all very useful and fun to read.

Once you grasp the first few lessons, the rest will come real easy. It just clicks and suddenly you get it. That's the moment you'll never forget:)