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Resolved Resolved by winstn60!

Trouble Connecting To Sensor Stream

Hello all,
I am trying to play with the new sensor stream. I understand the idea behind it. I just can't figure out the connection part. Is there a video out there to help? I have put my computers IP address in the app and nothing. Now my pc that I am testing this on is on a LAN, no Wi-Fi. Now does the app send the data out Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi and what if the Wi-Fi on the pc is used for internet and networking. Will the sensor stream app still send it to EZ-Builder? I am just a little confused on the connection part. I have an old IPhone 3gs in great working condition and it would be great to have all the NAV info from the phone. Any help would be grateful.
Thanks Airwave1206


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Hi Airwave,

Yes the app sends data via wi-fi. I can't communicate directly to the PC unless your PC is set up as a router. I bought a $24 Asus wireless access point, connect my laptop to it and then connect the iphone to it as well and walah! I power the wireless access point from 9v so I can take it anywhere. The accelerometers, gyros and compass in the iphone are really powerful. The GPS sucks.
United Kingdom
Hi airwave did you put the UDP port into your phone its 1111 into the 2nd box on the sensor stream app

As long as your PC connects via your LAN to your home router and it has WiFi it should work. Also worth checking any virus, network protection etc on the PC isn't blocking the operation?

EEGbiofeedback's method works by creating a separate little WiFi network that is great to make things portable outside his home network
Thank all,
I will keep trying. From what you all said, I think it might be my Linsys router not forwarding the ports. I will have to look into the router settings. Now my robot has its own mini ITX PC onboard with wifi, but if the wifi is connected to the router and the Internet, I can't use it to read the sensor stream from the wifi to the iPhone. Thanks, you gave me something to look into.
Thanks a bunch,
Another tweak I've found I had to do to make the Data Streamer work every time is to close the Sensor Streamer box in ARC and reopen it from the Misc menu every time I turn on my wireless router. Every time the router is turned on it creates a new ip address.
still working on it and thanks for all the input. I kind of got side tacked with my DIY CNC project. thanks again for all the input.:D
ok guys, here it is. got it working and wow, it works great. what I did was,go into my routers main setting menu and lock down the IP address of the lap top and forwared the ports to 1111. as of now , the lap top is reciving the sensor stream data and is on the internet at the same time. thanks to all the helped and thank you DJ for a great app in ARC:D
Bot Brothas,

Just found a way to do away with getting a battery powered wireless access point to access the Data Streamer iphone app.

I Jailbroke my iphone 5 with OC 6.0 with this link:

* bought the $20 MyFi Cydia app to turn the phone into a hotspot.
* I connected to my laptops WiFi.
* added the iphone data streamer from the Mics menu in Ezb
* Got the ip address from the Ezb Data Streamer control and entered that into the Iphone's Data Streamer app.

Though without using a moving average of the streamed data, the bots exhibit erratic behaviors.



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