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Tracking An Object And Servos Following Object

I have a Meccanoid robot and would love to give it an Ez makeover.
I would like the robots head servos follow an object as I will be adding the ez-b ver4 camera to it.
has anyone got a Meccanoid?
I'm very much a noob but very eager to learn
thank you
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Welcome to the forum.:)

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There is a search feature, which is your friend. It can be used to find other people on this forum who have the meccanoid toy. This is the most popular thread where someone also has that toy: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=7359

The servos are compatible, even though the meccanoid versions are incredibly weak. It is advised to swap the EZ-Robot HD metal geared ballbearing servos. The EZ-B can be mounted easily and the camera as well. All you really need to get going is the EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit.

As for assistance with camera tracking, etc.. That is what the learn section is for. Once you have the dev kit, simply follow the tutorials to get rock'n.:)

Tracking a color or object requires 4 or 5 mouse clicks - and it's one of the first things you will learn. Explore the learn section and view the tutorials and ARC manual, there's a lot of information which is easy to grasp.
thank you DJ.
great product so much potential here.
Thanks! I think you will really enjoy the developer kit:D