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Toggle Digital

I tried playing with the Toggle Digital today. I assume that Toggle means ; "turns off and on". I hooked up an LED to observe just what it did. I got an extremely fast flash. Is there a way to set the speed on toggle? Just what is Toggle supposed to do, anyhoo???????? Am I missing something here?


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What do you mean by Toggle Digital? I need more information to understand what you are referring to. Perhaps some detailed steps?


Hey Lostcreekstation, are you calling the toggle command on a certain digital pin and just repeating the script? This will do exactly what you are seeing as the digital pin will be toggled as fast as the serial data can be received by the EZ-B over the bluetooth link. You can always add a sleep command right after it to slow it down, add sleep(1000) for a 1 second delay between ON and OFF just lower that value to 250 or lower to get a quicker LED blink. Hope that helps.


OOOH, he's referring to the script command? Okay uhm. Yeah, what skater said:)

Toggle, then sleep for 250 or something, then toggle again.


:) Awesome! See, two weeks ago you struggled with the idea of scripting. Fustrated and thought there was no hope. Now look at you!! You're awesome dude


Thank you DJ. I am steadily making progress. I'm even writing scripts now!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!!! My robots have been put aside a bit for now. We had a family wedding; then Thanksgiving; and soon, Christmas. I'll be glad when its all over so things can get back to "normal"?????? I've been buying more robots and am planning my first "real" robot. One that will actually do some useful things. It came about when I discovered a kitty igloo out in the garden shed. It just screamed at me.............................................I'm a robot!!!!!!!!! SoI'll be looking for parts and planning what I can make. I'm thinking the bot will weigh in somewhere around 15 to 20 pounds. Any body got any suggestions for motors???????? I'm kinda thinking about electric scooter motors. I'm thinking this will be a house bot. Perhaps a vaccum cleaner on board. A platform for moving stuff around. An onboard weather alert/ forcaster. Who knows where the design might go. Happy holidays to everyone. Lloyd


For heavy bots, a lot of people use windshield wiper motors. has new ones for abot $15.

For very heavy robots, electric wheelchair motors are the way to go, but they will carry 300 lbs and if you lose control of your robot it could kill somebody. You can sometimes find them on eBay for $50-$100 each.

I am also planning a fairly heavy bot and currently searching for just the right H-Bridge. I think the one DJ sells will work if I only use the low speed connection on the wiper motors.