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To Wii Remote Or Not To Wii Remote

Last week I started a discussion about some problems I was having using EZ- software. I noticed that the tutorials didn't track with the new software. The EZ robot staff insured me that, that was a temporary problem to be fixed as time permits. So, I concluded my Wii remote didn't work because the software was different than the tutorial. But..... I was wrong.

Further we discussed a problem I discovered using the Wii remote with the new software. However I realized from previous forum discussions that others were having the same unresolved issues. Some robosists said they had no problems making the Wii remote work while others were never able to get it to work at all. Now, here is what we've discovered together as a result of this forum.

My first Wii remote has this printed on the side Wiimote is CE 0125 ACN 060 566 083 FCC ID UMB-WCF7 IC:6719A-WCF7 Not e: No matter what I did or tried it would not work. Now the good news, when I tried another remote with this nomenclature ACN 060 566 083 FCC ID POO-WC45 IC:4250A-WC45 It worked great. Now that we have more information about this problem can it be fixed. I'm sure many people were as frustrated as I when it wouldn't work. So, can the people at EZ robot fix this?


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Id love to help, but I'm insure what you are asking?


@robot2012 From my experience having tried three different wii remotes there is no problem with the EZ-B its windows does not find the wii remote in bluetooth, therefore it cannot work with EZ-B

TEST RESULTS Remote 1 : Works perfectly every time Remote 2 :Identical model to Remote 1,must be re installed in bluetooth evertime I boot windows Remote 3: With built in motion plus will not setup in windows bluetooth.


Every control has a ? next to the X button. If you press the ?, it will bring you to the support tutorial page for that:


DJ, I know about the ? next to the X button, its a great idea. So, do you have any ideas to fix this? Or is this strictly a Microsoft issue. You may want to list the type remotes known to work and those that don't. I ordered another remote last week, it arrived today. If this one works with the Wii system and not with EZ board then we may know for sures. Pun intended.

Oh yes can I order one of the new EZ boards? If so where and how much. I still use the original V2.1 as we spoke on the phone.


The online store has everything you need!


I don't understand the question still. Are you having trouble with the WiiMote? Are you unable to add it to the computer?

If you can tell me what the issue is, i'll be able to help


I would like to buy just the V3.X current version board. Where do I find it? Just the board alone.

DJ, Please refer to: A Little Trouble Created By robot2010 on 10/17/2013 5:23:03 PM


You might find a V3.X on ebay but that board is now manufacture discontinued and is replace with the soon to be released V4.


The 3.x boards are no longer in product - for many months they have been discontinued.

All WiiMotes work with ARC. Every control has a ? button next to the X. If you press that button, you will be directed to a tutorial page for that control. The WiiMote tutorial page will walk you through the setup process.

Also, the setup process has been listed above.


What I got from this is after doing some testing he discovered that certain wii remotes cannot connect to his computer. He's asking if there's a fix for this problem. He has some wii remotes working but is wondering if there's a way to connect the wii remote with a problem. He has traced it back the the serial numbers on the wii remotes.


Thank you Technopro. I just completed another experiment with yet another WiiRemote. Same serial numbers as the one that did not work, despite the tutorial. But this one worked fine. So, Is there any way to work around this problem? Maybe a sloppy algorithm in EZ robot that is more forgiving? Time out issues in windows seems to be the culprit. Just trying to help.


I guess this is a dead issue, thanks for everyone's help.


We dont mean to ignore you, but unfortunately our techs have zero spare time right now. (Typically a min of 14-18 hour day)


3 of our 4 WiiMotes work. It seems we have one with Wii+ Motion Plus that does not work. It's ironic that this WiiMote happened to appear on our HID shelf in engineering, because I've never seen it there before.

One of our techs had tested all of our 4 WiiMotes last week and found that you are correct, WiiMote with Motion Plus does not work. We had known this, but it somehow slipped through the Notes on the WiiMote manual page.

I have updated the WiiMote manual page to reflect incompatibility with WiiMote Motion Plus:



Now I feel much better that my experimentation jives with yours. So when can I get a new EZ board? I still have the old one as we spoke on the phone.


@robot2010 "So when can I get a new EZ board?"... Well, like the rest of us the new V4 board is supposed to start shipping between Nov 14 and Dec 1 sometime.... In other words you will have to pre-order...


I'd preorder immediately if you have the chance. We will ship on first come first serve and I don't think well be able to keep up with manufacturing for this demand. Seems like a pretty hot item this year!