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To Sfoy About Denise

I forgot to tell you that you can purchase the $100 version of Guile3D Denise and upgrade to the $180 later by just paying the balance. Pretty neat.

If you decide to buy, don't forget to tell them that Mel (MovieMaker) sent you. They have been very good to me, and I want them to know that I appreciate it by spreading the word.

Don't expect for Denise to do all of the things in the demo. That is only the beta version. It will come later. But, she does some of the stuff now. She is amazing. And, all updates are FREE. She has a GREAT chat engine in her. Probably the best I have ever seen. You can also attach her to ALLICE,Rebecca, or any other AIML chat bot. But, I don't see any reason to attach her to another when she seems to know it all herself. And, she talks very very legibly.

Just thought you might want to know.

Hope that this helped. I was in your same situation and they worked with me.


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