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Thormang 3

I have always liked the track robots because of easy use outside but after watching this youtube robot here, Damn that looks seriously spooky/cool,about double the size of my tracked Rad bot! Rise of the real Cylon material here! At 4 feet tall it would not be hard to add more mods to the body and get it 6 feet tall,truly ominous and it can walk,run play soccer but what price,like a new car? Anybody have any experience with these bad boys? eek


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So very awesome, could make it look like anything.

Nice find RR ;)

4ft tall is perfect i wouldn't want taller, less weight, besides gives you the excuse to armor the....DAISY out of it. That wasn't auto correct either hehe.

Oh the price would be quite steep, yes price of a new car for sure.

I know of a japanese fighting humanoid fighting robot that retails for over $6k, and its only around 800mm tall, so this guy would be very expensive.

Personally i would love one, if they are sold to the public there would be a lot of red tape, i doubt they would be available for private sale/personal use...but then again if their USA based then even military stuff gets released to the public after time doesn't it?


My goal is to always build them life size and scare the bunny hug out of people when maniac robot butler answers the door, best at Halloween to really terrify the kids coming to the door, last Halloween I built a 7 foot Eddy from Iron Maiden to move to the door with animatronics,my brother specialize in building those for Halloween too!


LOL auto correct again. Bunny hug,not what I typed! :P


Ba ha ha.

If i had one that size, then wow...i think it would have it's own wardrobe lol. :P


what about this life size robot.


That is crazy...mind is blown.

Would be good to see the hands and torso function, but apart from that, its an amazing feat of engineering that, nice find @N6R. ;)


yeach ,and almost no sound off the servo's or motors.