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"The Receptionist"

Hi Guys,

iam planing to put my ongoing build (inmoov) into the hallway of our office (with the idea in mind to motiviate my supervisors and maybe build up our own robotics department - someday :))
Therefore I would like to code a little more sophisticated script. As Iam a total newbie to Synthiam i could need some ideas on how to start, especially if this is realistic in ez-script:)

For the beginning its all about the webcam and speaker, tracking the people with the eyes while passing

* I want to recognize around 20 employees when they approch/pass the robot/webcam.
Is the ez-robot object recognition the way to go? Iam a little worried that it will only recognize if someone is stopping and looking right in front of the cam as shown in tutorials, is there a chance to get a positive result from a moving person around 1-2m away?

* People should get called by their names,but not with "text to speech" voices as i would like to build up my own voice libary where i record all names and words/sentences, modify the audio to give them some "AI" character.. probably I saw to much scifi movies.
What options do i have? .mp3 files and play them? is there another way?

* The robot should remember a few things.. for example if someone passes the robot 20 times a day it should only greet him once in the morning, once after lunch or so. Maybe fill a variable like if greeted_mr_frank = 1 then dont do anything and set the value to 0 at 12pm? in my "vba" thinking i can already see that this will get very slow over time and end up in a very big stupid if loop :-)

*Further ideas are recording entrance/leaving times, measuring air quality and tell to open windows, tell people to shut up when a high db level is reached and so on :-)

in terms of hardware iam planing to get a ez-robot controllr, right now iam using a arduino mega with a regular webcam

i would love to hear your thoughts about that whole project - thanks.

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