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The Pioneers Of Video Games (10 Part Mini-Series)

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I know this isn't directly robot related but I felt like it's interesting to look at the humble beginnings of an enormous industry we have today. Just like video games, Robotics really feels like a present day pioneering field. All of us in this community are in some small way artists (hardware and software) in our own right for the Robot revolution that's upon us. We are all presenting our own styles and ideas and throwing a lot of content into the world and seeing what sticks. It's a very exciting thing to be a part of!

I'm extremely surprised that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is producing something of this caliber, but really happy that they did:


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Boooo to the CBC!

Sorry guys, I thought this might happen. I'll look around for an alternate way to view them.


For those who are unable to watch this series, I give you this as compensation:

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Thanks Jeremie!