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The New Ez-B V4

Hello all,
Just wondering about the new EZ-B. I take it the bluetooth is now out and wifi is in. How many EZ-B's can connect withe the EZ- Builder software? *confused*


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BlueTooth is gone because it isn't fast enough to for the new built in audio. I'm not sure what the max number of boards is. But I imagine it will support as many as it does now or possibly as many as your network can handle. Those are just theories.
Can you connect the new v4 EZ-b directly to a motherboard like you could with the EZ-B v3? (granted after some reconfiguring) I am looking at Intel's new Minnow board, it looks great for mobile robot applications because it is so small and still is X86 based so it can run Windows! I would like to connect multiple EZ-B boards directly to this board through a USB or other I/O port, can this be done?
I can't answer for sure, but looking at the pictures it looks like the WiFi is still a seperate board plugged into UART pins, so I strongly suspect you will be able to use a USB TTL for at least command and control functions, although maybe not the new audio/video capabilities.

As long as it can easily switch between adhoc and infrastructure, I am fine using WiFi even with an on-board computer, but I could seee wanting everything hardwired, particularly in places like Maker Faires and other conventions where all the wifi channels are swamped and start to interfere with each other.

Thank you for your help, thetechguru. I don't think I will really use the new audio/video feature of the EZ-b v4 so your solution should workout for me. I do think it is good to integrate as much into the board as possible, what I would really like to see is an ITX or smaller board with the EZ-B fully integrated onto the board. That would be really awesome!