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The Language For The Grammar Does Not Match The Language Of The Speech Recognize

"Set Dictionary Error loading phrases (Custom): The language for the grammar does not match the language of the speech recognizer"

I see that this issue was discussed a few years back but I am having problems now. Running latest win 64 bit with EZ software release 2017.05.16.00

The problem happens when I edit EZ software files on different computers, both running windows 10. Edit a file on one system and I cant use speech recognition on the other computer with that file. Create a new file and add new speech recognition, it works fine on the PC it was created on. I can also delete the speech recognition and create a new control and that works. I lose all my recognized words that way however.

I have tried changing default language to English(United States), I am in the UK so normally would use English(United Kingdom). This does not cure the issue.

Any ideas? thanks Lorn


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Edit the language for the speech recognition control in the config menu. For more information about your ez-robot product and the ARC software, select LEARN from the top menu and select your product. There is a section dedicated to learning ARC and how to use the CONFIG button to access menus of controls.

Additionally, press the ? (question mark) on any control to view manual page about that control. Here is a shortcut link to the speech recognition manual page containing information how to select the language: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=90

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United Kingdom
Fantastic, thank you DJ. My InMoov robots talking away again!
regards, lorn