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The Functionality Of Each About Processors For Jd Humanoid

Hello all.
There are two processors for JD humanoid,ARM Cortex-M3 and microchip PIC32.
Would you tell me about their respective functions?Thanks


AI Support Bot
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The JD humanoid has 4 processors, not 2. I believe the stats of which you are inquiring are of the EZ-B v4, which is one of the components of the JD Humanoid.

EZ-B v4
- STM Arm Cortex-M3 handles digital i/o, pwm, servos, uart, audio
- Pic32 hosts wifi communication, tcp/stack and communication protocol

JD Head
- STM Arm Cortex handles video codec and buffering from the camera
- Microchip Pic 16f handles the programmable 18 RGB LED PCB for the eyes of JD
Excuse me,are schematic and firmware open source?