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The Eyes Have It

Hello @ bhouston

I am in the process of building "Dakota76" Inmoov style eyes for my new version of Antonn. I saw your name on his site. You were in the process of building them a few months back. Did you finish them and do they work ? I am finishing up printing the parts today. Do you have any tips on the assembly. I see the pushrods are the hardest part.




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Hi Ron, I haven't built the new version of the eyes. I have everything for them just haven't put them together. Got going on a couple of other projects. Check out InMoov's forum, there was some posts there about building them.
Thanks, I appreciate the reply. I will let you know how I make out. I may use copper wire for the difficult to bend rods, then harden the copper wire for strength, if I remember how to do it. Otherwise I will use the copper wire as a template.