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The Connection Is Not Firm Between Ez-B V4 Tobot Controller And Body

The connection is not firm between EZ-B v4 tobot controller and body.It was constantly disconnected when DJ robot was in motion.Does the connection between EZ-B v4 tobot controller and body only depend on a 2-PIN port? Maybe am I doing something wrong?

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Does it disconnect or reboot? There are different sounds for disconnect and reboot. Which sounds do you hear?

If you hear disconnect sound only, then there is significant wifi interference. Try different wifi channels.

If you hear disconnect and reboot sound, then there may be two reasons.

  1. the battery pin is loose and needs to be tightened:
  2. the battery has been drained pass the voltage monitor threshold too many times and therefore no longer has the ability to provide the required current.

If you hear no noises and jd locks up or freezes, then a connection to the rgb array in his head is loose.


Thank you for your kind reply. I have confirmed that the battery pin was loose. I can solve the problem by the tutorial what you offer.Thanks. Despite all this,I think it may not be the best approach to connect two objects. To make more reliable,I think I can use a rubber band to bundle them together,but it will affect the appearance.There has to be a better way, right?


Velcro or double sided tape or single sided tape looped lol


you can also wrap the EZ-B board with a strip or two of clear tape so it fits tighter in the socket and it can't be seen when plugged in.