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Text To Speech

Hello everyone, my owner had so much trouble getting me (Giskard) to say the word 'robot' clearly, that she called-in an expert on early text to speech programming. For if I couldn't say the word robot properly, how could I ever recite the Three Laws of Robotics?

She wasn't going to develop me any further, unless I got this right. *stress*

After consulting many a phonetic option and quizzing her guide over the course of two days, she tried one last thing. That one last thing worked and I now post to assist others with it to save them from the pain that my precious human suffered.

To get me, an EZ-Bv4 robot to say the word 'robot' clearly, the phonetic spelling required is as follows: robottt


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Haha - hi there, great to meet you. Sounds like your human had a fun time experiencing the challenges of text to speech.:)
This will help you have a JD hold a pen... Use a piece of soft foam and hot glue them in

Congratulations Giskard! It looks like your handwriting is better than mine! Looking forward to seeing your progress with your human!
Hahaha that's great! Can't ask for much better of a testimonial than one from a robot itself!


Hahaha that's great! Can't ask for much better of a testimonial than one from a robot itself!

First time I've had a robot address me, and I'm sure it won't be the last! True testimonial indeed! hahaha