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Talking Wall E

Hi Dj Sures, I am very interested in purchasing the EZ-B but I have 2 quick questions if you don't mind. First, can you further explain or perhaps make a video on how exactly you make the Wall e robot talk and make the music play. Second can you also show how one would connect and LCD to the EZ-B.

Thank you in advance and sorry for the long post.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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I'll be making a step-by-step tutorial video in the next coming days. Hopefully i'll start on it tomorrow or the next day. Stay tuned :)

As for seeig how to use the EZ-B, feel free to watch the tutorials from the top menu select. There are plenty of videos and explanations on how things work


Thank you DJ Sures for responding to me. I'm just a beginner and some of this stuff looks complicated to get started on. An example being adding and LCD to the project. What I would like to accomplish is create my on Wall e robot and add and LCD screen in his chest with some greetings but ultimately would like to display perhaps my email or the weather or something in that nature. Is that possible?


It sure is possible!

Hooking up an LCD is actually only 3 wires. Power, Gnd and Signal :)

If you watch the tutorials videos, I think you'll realize how easy it actually is. You can get a head start by downloading the ARC software. Then visit Wall-E's Home Page under the Robot top menu and download the EZB file for it


Thank you Dj Sures, I can't wait to get started on my project. And I have watched all your videos numerous times :D :D


That's awesome! I'm glad I can inspire people. Myself and everyone who has volunteered to help the EZ-Robot project are very passionate about it.

My personal goal is to hope to play a part in introducing robotics into our lives. Even if that means building our own at home! It's the hobbyists that put the computers on the desks in the 80's.... I hope it's the same hobbyists (like you) that put robots in our homes :)


Hey DJ Sures!

While eagerly waiting for my EZ-B to arrive I tried downloading the ez-b file for the Wall-E in robots section, but it says the file is not found. Maybe it disappeared when server went down?


Ordered my EZ-B today and received my Wall-e U-Command toy in mail yesterday. I am anxious for your tutorial video. Any chance you will offer written step-by-step instructions? I am new to this but thought it would be a fun hobby with my son. Thanks.


I'm visiting family about 2,400 KM from home right now. I'm actually doing the video while i'm here:) ... The weather has been fantastic for the video, but getting alone time is a little difficult with the kids around haha... They sure love Wall-e!


Enjoy your trip, I gutted my wall-e last night and got the modified servos installed for the wheels. I will be working on the head and arms tonight. Then installing my wireless hub/USB stick for mic and speaker.. then hooking up the EZB & 2.4 Cam ... Jonny 6 will be ALIVE


Very exciting! Make sure you have plenty of videos and pics :)