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Synthiam Code Object Dropping Square Brackets With An I Inside?

The Synthiam
code object is interpreting square brackets [ i ] with an i inside as something else if you don't have any spaces.
If you include the spaces then it seems to work.
It seems to be the website input in general and not just the code object.   But when in a code object it should not change the code if 
For example if I have 
if (frameTransition[ i ] [0] == fromFrame && framTransition[ i ] [1] == toFrame) {
in the code like this without spaces around the i 


[code]if (frameTransition[i][0] == fromFrame && frameTransition[i][1] == toFrame) {
When it displays after publishing it seems to drop the [ i ]    if you don't have spaces eg: [i]
Do you know why?

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Sorry, I'm having difficulty understanding this message.
Hi DJ, try putting [ i ] the the reply window but without spaces around it.  The editor strips it out when it saves it.
Here is one without spaces [i] and you probably don’t see the [ i ] after the word spaces.
Hope that helps.  I am not sure why that happens.   I was saying in the [code] object in the web editor it should not modify the input if the [ i ] represents a special symbol or something else.
Is this a question about the website or arc?
It is about the website.   I posted some sample code in the instructions of my updated plug in and it did not work when I tested pasting it back into Arc.  I then realized the [ i ] was missing and that the website edit box where I am typing in this response strips it if there is an i in square brackets without spaces.   Hopefully that clarifies.  When you respond back to this question try putting a [ i ] without any spaces in the response and when you post the comment you will see that it disappears.
I’ll have the web admin take a look:)
I believe [ i ] without the spaces is the bbcode for italics, but it shouldn't be interpreting inside a [ code ] (without spaces) block.