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Synthiam On Prime Time News

EZ-Robot will be on prime time news RTM 1 Malaysia.(Tech & Gadget slot)

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Wow, great job! Looks like you are getting some great attention in Malaysia!
Keep it up:)
Very cool! Thanks for sharing @myro!
@Myro, that's very exciting! Do you have a link to the video you could share with the community?
@Alan it will be on prime time news tomorrow (Sunday).
There's 3 minutes slot for Tech & Gadget every Sunday. We are lucky they choose us and EZ-Robot. They come across EZ-Robot trough our website http://myduino.com
I will try to record with my handphone and upload here tomorrow :-)
As promise I have upload the video


Sound quality is poor as I record with my handphone.

Thanks to DJ and EZ-Robot team for building such a wonderful robots :)
Wow! That is a very lengthy segment - great job! You look great on camera, not nervous at all

Thank you for sharing. I'm very proud of your store
@DJ Not me. He's one of our education consultant :-)

I am more handsome than him heheheeee