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Switches Anyone?

I was helping out at a large garage sale and I found some items that a past(I don't think dead) tinker-er sent in. There's switches, buttons, casset tape motors, signal meters, lights, and my favourite, Buzzers! I grabbed the container with switches, and most of the buzzers(only a couple shown) along with some pots and motors and some other stuff.(not all shown)

User-inserted image

If anyone wants some buzzers let me know! I want a few left though!(I have about 20)
User-inserted image

I grabbed a few pots. There should still be a container full. If anyone wants some I can see if the container is still at the sale.
User-inserted image

I have too many switches. If you see one you like tell me! I picked a few I liked.

User-inserted image

I am happy to help some members find parts they like. As a side note, I saw some big rc trucks(child toys) with minor suspensions and a tank(I got that one :D). If interested let me know.



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