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Substitute For H-Bridge

Sorry, I found what I needed. It turns out I found an H-Bridge available for my project. Sorry about that.


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here is a very common one rated 4 amps and 2 amps continuous on ebay its about $6

l298 dual h-bridge

and one rated at 3 amps little higher price and 5 amps peak
3 amp continuous dual h-bridge

I HAVE ABOUT 10 different types of H-BRIDGES will be doing some testing on them with EZB once i get back from my work trip

I test all designs ,sensor ,h-bridges ,circuits and a lot more
NOT easy for the average robotic maker to do it,mostly because of the high cost to stock and buy all types
Second since i am electronic engineer i also design my own h-bridges and sensors from scratch
Thanks robotmaker. I recently found a L298N h-bridge on ebay that was very close to me for $13.00. Thanks for the advice though. I myself am a very experienced robotics engineer myself, focusing in humanoid robotics. So far my current research platform I'm working on is called Project SIHRO. You can check him out here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/33846:)
I was offer a job as a robotics engineer ,because of my work on sensors in california ,but turned to down because to far to go plus house change

I just retired early from my job to work on my robots and make more patent ideas

WHERE i work i design and make very high precision test equipment ,mostly called the sensor man at work,also i design my own servo's
That's pretty interesting. Very nice to meet you, robotmaker.:)
any designs or help just ask ,its free