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I was wondering myself if that was an error. All the prices have dropped, but that is the largest percentage drop of any of the parts I have seen.



Sure is! Would you like credit for the difference? Contact Us:D


Wow, that is amazing price. I was wishy-washy in whether to include in my order since I think I am also ordwring an adventure bot, but that makes it so worth it just to have as a test platform with my extra EZ-B.



@DJ Sures how far back you go for the credit? I to purchased the Hexapod body at $69 plus Roli and the Development kit...


2 weeks is generally how long retailers offer credit - however I believe we do 30 days


Ok, missed it by 4 days. eek Oh well no biggy. Keep the new products coming!


:) I'm confident that our release schedule should start being monthly. With some new companies that are working with us, and the process identified - it should be easier for us to release products more often. It's hard because i'm still involved in all of the R&D and software design, so much of the pushback is due to my limited time in a day:D


I ordered the day it was dropped was actually monitoring the prices and timing was perfect since it was pay day. My only problem is the shipping, I just ordered on saturday so I haven't received the products yet, I am waiting patiently. But hey, $38 for shipping that is insane. I wish you can work out something or sell products on amazon may be get them prime eligible so shipping becomes easy n economical. I want to order more stuff once my wall e project is completed I'll probably move on to JD or somethings.


@sgavit Due to having resellers who are committed to sell ez-robot, the Amazon route would damage their sales. This is because Amazon will undercut all other prices - so we chose not to sell through amazon. Also, if you are in the USA, there are many resellers - specifically MakerShed, which I believe has free shipping.

The reason we charge for shipping is because the product ships from our manufacturing facility in China - not Canada. This is because we're too small of a company to pay for inventory to be shipped to Canada, etc... We're literally only 5 people:)

in the future, check out our retailers:

PS, we have 173 new retailer locations coming online in June across the USA.


Yeah I did check out retailers but I got the store discount, which is why I ordered directly from the site since it turned out to be cheaper and all at one place. Not complaining just throwing in a suggestion. Let me know if you would like help in designing any CAD models, 5 people can definitely use some help.


Awesome! Design as many CAD models as you wish:D We have the Bit Builder which lets you upload CAD designs to share with others. The idea is to crowd source CAD designs from the community, like yourself. And if we really like something, then we'll consider having tooling made for it to be injection molded! We haven't done it yet - but that's because not a lot of people know that they can make their own parts.

You load STL files into the Bit Builder to assemble a part that may consist of multiple pieces. Bit Builder is in Project -> EZ-Bits -> Bit Builder

Then you upload the part in the Library which is in Project -> EZ-Bits -> Library