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Asked — Edited

Stop Pwm

I have installed 2.5 Amp Motor controller and now i am writing the code for controlling it.
No problem for setting speed, but i am not able to stop pwm.

This is the code i have used for setting speed and it works fine:
Private Sub button2_click
EzB_Connect1.EZB.PWM.SetPWM(Digital.DigitalPortEnum.D15, 50)
End Sub

This is the code i have used for setting speed faster and it works fine:
Private Sub button3_click
EzB_Connect1.EZB.PWM.SetPWM(Digital.DigitalPortEnum.D15, 100)
End Sub

And this is the code i have used for stopping pwm and it does not works:
Private Sub button1_click
End Sub

Well, pressing the button, it has no effect and the motor continues tu run.
Maybe i have forgot something or i have write something wrong.

Any suggestion?

Thank you.


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