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Stick Computer

Looking at buying usb stick computer for robot and need to know if it can run a 32 bit windows 10 version on ARC software? Or there is also a cheaper stick that runs on the mobile chrome operating system would this run ARC mobile?


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Specs of the cheap 4 core atoms with windows and 2GB RAM show this should be fine but slow although I haven’t tested one. If others have would love to read a review of your impressions. I guess it also depends on what you want to use it for. I assume you want to go headless and be as compact as possible running off robots on board battery and connect direct to EZB in adhock mode so you don’t need a router and will work anywhere (as long as internet not required) then plug a monitor in with Bluetooth keyboard when you need to use it. If it is to work where you have a wireless router or network connection and want to use remote desktop to operate the stick pc then you may need something with a little more power like an m3 or m5 with 4GB of RAM but I would question why you want a stick pc at all then (use a laptop).

What is the use case (does it have to be stick due to space, what and how many sensors, actuators and controls are you working with, are you running complex scripts, are you running plugins or other applications)

What hardware features do you need, do you need a headphone jack, USB 2 or 3 how many ports, Bluetooth do you need to run on battery or mains power.

Quick google you can get a 4 core Atom for $100 to $150 USD with 2GB RAM but it will be slow and you will have to spend Some time stripping windows down to remove all the bloatware.

If you don’t have a budget issue you can get a core m5 with 4GB RAM and this will fly pretty much in most use cases.

Unless you are a Linux god and developed your own apps using the SDK and want to run mono I would shy away from trying to hack an android stick.


My main question is if ARC will actually work on 32 bit Windows 10 as I have never tried it, all my computers run on 64 bit windows. I am designing a new robot for next summer that will be independent from any wi fi and run it self with out me controlling it. Just run the programs on board the robot and let it loose to do it's things.Only the camera will beam back to me to see what it's doing.Out doors bot.


Yes, it will run on 32 hit Windows 10. Most of the Android sticks run older versions and are not well supported. I would avoid them - let alone the limitations of ARC Mobile. For an autonomous bot like you describe I would stick with Windows.



That is great news,thanks Alan!:)



if it can run a 32 bit windows 10 version on ARC software?


My main question is if ARC will actually work on 32 bit Windows 10 as I have never tried it, all my computers run on 64 bit windows

ARC Desktop is a .NET (32 bit application). All Windows 64 bit versions have the WoW64 (Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit) subsystem capable of running 32-bit applications.

I'm curious what kind of stick can run Windows 10 (32/64 versions) ?

There are the Intel sticks (not all models run Windows 10): Old version had performance/driver issues Recent models are expensive.

if you want something small with windows 10 desktop + desktop ARC you may try: LATTEPANDA UP BOARD. Intel Tablets

OR go with an Intel Nuc (I3, I5, I7)

I have one NUC I5 since 2014.

In 3 years, i saw a lot of products coming in and out... (Galileo, Edison, Joules) and mine is still good and nothing small beats the performance.


Not sure I understand camera streaming back. If the stick computer is connected adhock to the robot (peer to peer) But you want to stream to a second computer that is on a different network.

So the only way I can see that working is if you have the robot and the computer in the robot connecting to a wifi router that also has your laptop connected so you can show the video feed for the robot.

The other option would be to have stick connect to a HD video sender over RF or an IP camera and have that separate adhock to your laptop but again we are building something complex.

Just connect your laptop adhock to the EZ and save the roughly 200 CAD including tax you would spend on the stick computer for some other stuff.


I was going to use a spare Samsung s4 I had to make my robot independent but now I'm thinking of using the NUC I5. Hmmm. Decisions decisions


Looking at the 150.00 Asus Vivostick, has great specs for the price and better than Raspberry Pi for having real Windows 10.


I have 2 EZB controllers going on same. Robot, one for motors and sensors then the other for camera and programming.



has great specs for the price and better than Raspberry Pi for having real Windows 10

Compare Apples with Apples.

1) Raspberry PI 2/3 has an Arm SOC Runs Windows 10 IOT version or Linux versions There is no ARC version. Power: 5V / 500ma - 750ma =2.5 - 3.75 W

  1. Asus vivostick and you will need 9V / 2A = 18W

Don't know how small you needed to go but I just purchased one of these, although out of stock now, on sale for $149.00.

With a size of 1.5"x7"x7" it was perfect for what I needed.

Going to run it off a dc/dc power supply.

It doesn't show being on sale anymore but something you might look into.


The advert that I saw did not mention the 18 watts ,sounds kind of high for a little stick? The vivo I meant, will look at the other options out there too.


I made some corrections (V / A / W) Full windows, Full ARC comes with a price.


@Herr Ball

Nice price.


The next robot will be a larger more sturdy All wheel drive tank design aluminum instead of plastic so a better battery system will need to be designed to handle all the extra electronics,bigger motors.