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Stepper Motor For Hero Jr. Retrofit

Hello all,
I am converting an old Heathkit Hero Jr. robot to somewhat newer technology.
I was hoping to use the EZB V4 to control movement, however, the robot has a 12V DC Motor to spin the front wheel for movement and a 12V Stepper Motor for rotating that wheel assembly for steering. I can power them from my external source, and attach an H-Bridge to the regular DC Motor and a Stepper Controller to the other motor, but...
After searching through the forums for quite a while, it seems that unless I wish to write scripts and not use the movement interface in EZ Builder, stepper motors are still not really possible.

Is this still true?
I have attached a couple of pics of the drive assembly for reference.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Thank you,


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Frankly, you are looking at scripting for any kind of steering mechanism vs differential steering. Stepper will add complexity, but is doable.

Thank you for answering so quickly!
If I use scripting can it be tied to the interface control for ARC?
I want to keep the interface simple for kids.
Thank you, Greg
The custom Movement Panel object allows scripts to be used for the momement controls, so yes, you can easily the scripts into the interface.