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Started On My Mevinator Project

IT will have a omnibot 5402 frame and optimus prime head ,will post more photos in a few days.
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Also the dome was cracked ,and where the tape deck is i am adding 2 lcd displays.
Name MELVINATOR is part terminator part melvin from bill and teds movie.

Have you decided how to mount the head?
Making a aluminum frame inside the head and remove the omnibot head and attach it to a round plastic place.
@troy i never said a person is named Melvin i just i used the name Melvin from the movie when bill and Ted Melvin the grim reaper.
Did more work on my design its all apart cleaned and getting read to add serial lcd like how NIEK did on his omnibot project.

Now on the bigger display i have two ways to go,one is a video screen with text to video or color serial LCD.

The large screen will have a radar and other info,and smaller screen will have battery monitor and temperature.