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I could have swarn that the forum had spell check at one time. Am I missing something? Yes, spell chack. (lol)


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no such thing, nope. you probababababably had something installededed in your browserererer
Most likely, DJ. For example, my version of FireFox has a built-in option to check the spelling as I type. I find it very useful for forum posts as I'm an atrocious speller. I'm sure there's a browser plug-in that can do the same thing for your browser of choice.
@TJ Oh right! I remember firefox having that. @bookmaker maybe that's what you have? Firefox? And if so maybe the spelling check has been disabled.
Whoa! A chrome user! I've never met one of you before:D

I have chrome and firefox and IE9 and IE10 (beta windows 8). Just to make sure the website "works"

It actually has issues with IE10, but that's not a surprise... lol