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Speech Vs Soundboard

I've been studying the " Wall E Big" file. Would scripts written for speech be placed on the soundboard? I get a window on "speech" that says only one instance can be written there. If I understand right there are lots of smaller scripts written ( like Wall e dance) that are triggered by Control Commands. Is that correct? Is there a main script written for each project that issues commands and if so where is it written? I've noticed that some of the scripts written by DJ are spaced apart as opposed to being listed line by line. Is this just a way of making the commands easier to understand?


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  1. Soundboard plays audio files (wav or mp3)

  2. Speech lets you type in a phrase and speak. If you want more phrases, then use the Say() EZ-Script command. The speech control is kind of useless for a robot. Its there to expirement to hear what the voice will sound like. To have speaking occure dynamically (i.e. per action or triggered by an action), then you'd use the Say() EZ-Script command

  3. Start by trying some of the smaller tutorials instead of the large wall-e project.

  4. I space out the commands in the scripts so it is easier to read :)

You're tackling a lot of things at once :)


Hi lostcreekstation

I did same thing as you and opened up the wall-e file to find my self bombarded with what seemed like a billion menus:) And totally overwhelmed my self! I ended up getting all the things i needed for the wall-e but then did each part seperately in there own small project so that i could get the basic idea working for each one.

And now im confident enough(well I think so:P ) to start putting it all together into a wall-e project.