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Speech Recognition Problem

Hello all,

This is my first post here, hence my first real big problem with the EZ-B. We are using the EZ-B as a college project and are finally in the final stages of our project.

But we hit a snag and the problem is whenever we implement the speech recognition into the project we get this problem:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

We are using Windows XP 32BIT English (US version) on vmware, because I work on a MacBook Pro.

The project is written in C# and works perfectly with the DLL. But now with the testing of the speech recognition in the EZ-B Builder we get the above errors.

Does anybody have a solution for the problem? (Please don't say to not use the SDK, the project must be written with the SDK and the builder)

The audio devices are configured and tested, Microsoft SAM is active on the Windows XP machine.

Thanks in advance!




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Speach reocgnition does not work with XP. You must use windows 7.


Ah, k.

I've changed from Win 7 64B to Win XP because i've gotten an BSOD from installing updates for it

Going to reinstall Win 7 but 32B version for safety.


Why not using bootcamp?

Also are you using the latest .net framework? I'm not sure but I think the sdk will use the .net framework for speech recognition.


I'm used with using virtual machines, because if you screw it up you can always use a snapshot from earlier stages or just begin again in no time

Unfortunately I've deleted Win XP and installed Win 7, now I'm updating the system to every update (since, there many .Net fixes) and will later on install Visual Studio 10.

Will let you know if the problem is solved or not!




Hi, i'm getting this error now.

The speech recognition works in the EZ-B Builder now.

As for the SDK, since we must program our robot by usage of the SDK, we made a new project in visual studio 10.

All the updates are installed for vs 10 however I now get this error

User-inserted image

Even when I run it trough the no-debugging mode the solution fails (I get the "windows has experienced a problem opening this program sign" and it is looking for solutions)


I am starting a new topic about this problem since this is no longer about the speech recognition


I think I have found the problem, with the new Win7 the DirectX SDK was not installed for the references of the project would work.

Downloading them now from Microsoft and will see what then happens.




Have you changed the location of the ARC dll in the referencies?


yes, but I've installed DirectX SDK 2010 and cannot find it nowhere in my references

I need add these:

  1. Two references from the DirectX package are requied for EZ_B.DLL. They are...
    • Microsoft.DirectX
    • Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput

I've downloaded & installed de DX SDK and am trying to add the references.

However when I want to add the references of the two directX files. But they aren't listed anywhere in the references menu (.NET, .COM, )


Allrighty problems solved

SDK is pretty hidden from visual studio 10

Added them and compiled, everything works now!

Thx for the help!