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Speech Recognition Not Working

Hello all is it just me or is anyone out there having issues with the speech recognition in EZ-Builder. I have tried it on 3 different pc's and can't get it to work. All my scripts are good and tested working, just the recognition is not. Maybe there was a change in ARC due to the new EZ-B coming? *confused*


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United Kingdom
Speech recognition uses the Windows Speech API so should not have changed due to any updates.

Which version of ARC are you running?

I haven't tried it in the current version or the previous version but before that it was all OK.

If you continue to struggle it may pay to roll back to an older version to test if it's ARC issue or a Windows SAPI issue.

Also you could test Windows Speech Recognition and see if that picks you up. Check mic settings etc. etc.
I am currently using the latest version of ARC. ever since the last 4 or 5 up dates, it has stop working. I will try on the windows end and see what I can come up with. I just thought maybe something has changed since the new EZ-B has its own sound. I will try the windows side first. thanks for the sugestions
I think I fixed it. you were correct, it was the windows side of things and not the ARC. apparently the speech recognition wasn't set up on the laptop I am now using on my robot. it was a fresh install of window7. on the other hand I don't know why its not working on the other pc's. well all that matters is that is works on the robot pc! thanks for all your help.