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Speaker On Ez-B Iotiny

Hey guys...I just found out how organized the "Requiring Technical Assistance" section got! Really tight!:D

Also the tutorials got so detailed, it's kind of cool that you are advised to check once more, before asking for assistance! There were a ton of updates since I looked at them for the last time! Good work!;)

Well I hope I did not miss anything, but my EZ-B IoTiny finally got thru customs today, and I am super happy with it but also it instantly came to my mind if it is possible to either connect another speaker to it than the one being shipped along, or if anyone ever tried to amplify the signal to get a stronger audio output?

Thanks in advance...:D


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I just took an old computer speaker set and it works fine. I can also add a battery instead of the in the wall adapter when I use it outdoors. I have another self contained battery powered unit which will be installed in one of my other projects.



see where the speaker is on this pic?

User-inserted image

Either add another plug to where it says-(SPKR) with longer wires to a new speaker, or remove the plug and hard solder 2 new wires to it which is what i did for my EZB4.

This is what i did for my current project.

User-inserted image

No need to amplify if you use a decent speaker, more than enough sound.;)

User-inserted image

All the best with it.:)


this was fine for general discussion amigo, no need for assistance on this one. :)

I wanted to also say, to make it easier you could chop the wires on the existing speaker and solder on bullet connectors for a quick connect/dis-connect...depending on your project of course.

But they would need to be well sealed/wrapped...heat shrunk.;)


Thanks @all this sounds supercool! I did not know it is also possible with the EZB4...great to know that I can use different types of speakers to improve the sound quality! This is great help!

I was unsure if the different resistance might damage the board, so I flagged it technical assistance...:)

I am getting closer to finish my robot, the Ez-b Iotiny is great!:D


I am building one myself...its an ongoing project, I hope I can show some progess soon!:)


Sounds great, yes im building one myself also..but what kind of robot are you actually building? Start a showcase thread so we can see what your up to.:)


@NEWAGETOMY I am printing parts right now...but you are right, I should start a shocase, its a never ending story anyways!:D I am just kind of embarrassed to put a half finished robot out there, while the Forum is filled with great work!;)


At least your halfway Mickey, im around the same...takes longer than you think doesn't it?:)


Well I hope I am halfway, hehe! It really takes a lot longer than you think...a year ago I was like...Well I am just gonna build me a robot real fast! :D

Now a year and building a 3d printer later I am telling you that I am halfway, lets see how good my estimation turns out to be this time! ;)


For reference sake, any 8ohm speaker or 2 x 16 ohm speakers in parallel or 2 x 4 ohm speakers in series will work. The amplifier on the EZ-Bv4 and the IoTiny is designed for an 8 ohm load. A 16 ohm speaker by itself will work but the volume will be much lower. Also note that you'll want your speaker rated for 0.3W or higher as the amplifier can push out 0.3W. Most small 8 ohm computer speakers are rated 0.5W so it's usually a non-issue.


@Jeremie thanks for the additional info...good to know, so if there is any weird drop in volume I will know where to look for a mistake!;)