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Sparkfun Serlcd

Hey everyone!

I finally got my EZ-B (after 5,5 weeks) and i am trying to get my lcd with sparkfun's serial backpack working, i found THIS great arduino site. I adapted the code to this:

SendSerial(D13,9600,0xFE) //command flag SendSerial(D13,9600,0x01) //Clear LCD Sleep(10) SendSerial(D13,9600,0x7c) //command flag for backlight stuff SendSerial(D13,9600,157) //backlight on Sleep(10) SendSerial(D13,9600,0xFE) //command flag SendSerial(D13,9600,128) //Select line 1 Sleep(10) SendSerial(d13, 9600,"Hello, this is") // print the text Sleep(10) SendSerial(D13,9600,0xFE) //command flag SendSerial(D13,9600,192) //Select line 2 Sleep(10) SendSerial(d13,9600,"a test") // print the text

but all it shows on the LCD is:

"hellothis is" "a test"

Comma's and capital letters do not work, how do i fix this?

Oh and DJ, great product btw (happy i sold my old laptop for a EZ-B)


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Haha, oh my. I think you just found a bug. And I think I know why. And i don't mean think, I actually know! haha, geez I can't beleive that snuck by me.

I have a few controls that are almost complete (including the automation control). So if you don't mind waiting a few more days for the next update? I'll include the fix in that :)