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Sound Break Out

The bottom of my EZb V4 looks different slightly from the video I watched here for adding a 3.5mm jack. The ground hole is the same but there is only one hole with the gold colored surround in the area where I would think the power wire goes but Just want to make sure because it is slightly different from the video. Is this the spot where I would solder too?

I just got my V4 in January 2016.

Thanks for the help


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Need a picture to be able to tell you. There should be 2 sets of gold circle connections. the ones closer to the middle are the ones you want, but PLEASE give us a photo to confirm.


See this tutorial.

Which pads you use depend on whether you are going straight to a speaker (can only drive a pretty small one without distortion) or going to an amplifier (want to use the line level, not speaker outputs to prevent distortion).



I want to hook up a 3.5mm in so I can hook up my amplified speaker (beats)

I watched the video on how to do it. But like I said in my post. Where he attaches the wires look slightly different than my board. edit: From the looks of the tutorial you sent I think I found my answer. It appears the gold surround on my board is where I am looking to attach the wire.


Thank You for the tutorial link. It answered my question.


Glad my tutorial helped. This is a great mod that really makes a difference. Too bad there isn't a factory installed jack but I do understand there is only so much room and money. :)


I have another question regarding adding the 3.5mm jack.

my jack has 3 connections (left, Right, Common) The tutorial only shows a ground wire and one wire in the via.

Where does the ground wire go on the 3 prong jack? And how am I suppose to get left and right when there is only 1 wire? Do I need to jumper the prongs?


You want to attach one point to the left, and the other to ground. You should be able to disregard the right channel.


So Left channel to Via and the ground to the common/shield tab correct?


yeah - if you get ground from the battery or before the EZ-B, will reduce any noise.


What do you mean? (I am not experienced with electronics) Are you saying not to use the ground port on the v4 like in the tutorial?


I used the EZB ground connection and wired the single audio channel output to both L & R connections.


Did you just a jumper to connect the L & R connections on the jack?


yeah the L and R of your audio connector can be connected together.

When i mentioned where to connect the GND - that can be the "black" or "gnd" at the battery, or the power pin of the EZ-B.

GND is also called "Common". This is because all devices can have different Positive Voltage, but they all must share a common ground. For example, in your house, ever breaker/fuse for every plugin is different - but the ground is the same. It's a common ground because everything needs that common ground. The earth is pretty much the biggest common ground you can find :D


Thank you for the help! This is all new to me and I don't want to screw up my EZ-B. Appreciate you explaining it in a simple manner.