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Sonar Question

hello was having issues with my ultrasonic distance sensor set up was thinking my sonar is faulty. was looking to purchase a new one just wondering what is the second component on the product picture (the smaller board mounted on the backside) is that just a 5 volt voltage regulator? thanks


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Yes, that is a 5v regulator. I saw a post from DJ recently that they have actually changed the component and the regulator is now built in and it only requires 3 wires instead of 4 (ping and receive use the same signal wire, like the Parallax sensor). Photo on the shopping page still shows the original.

Excellent, thank you.
You got it! Less wires. Easier to use. And less ports needed on the ezb. Progress rules!
does the new device give you more accurate results or usages?
Accuracy is limited by natural world physics. Sound waves don't always bounce back from all materials. Also some angles redirect the sound and it never comes back. It's the best it can be:D

What do you mean by "usages"?
I just starting using the 4 wired one that came with my Roli order that was delivered this past Wed., and only "played" with it today. Seems to only be only showing 255, so need more time to experiment with settings window, etc. to understand what usages you have already covered in tutorials, etc. Thx
If it returns only 255, the ECHO and PING wires may be connected in reverse. You can either swap the wires on the ez-b or change the assignments in the config.

I can say that the latest 3 wire version is easier to use because the ECHO and PING are on the same wire. That's about the extent of the improvement.
Can the present settings window be uses with the 3 wire one, like parallax ping? I presently have pings on my S3 and Sparki, both read well and "block" type coding has them navigating ok.
@Eagle218 ... The new EZ Robot Ping works just like the Parallax ping in the sense that it uses just one digital port for trigger and echo.... You just have to modify any code that used to use 2 digital ports for the old ping (if you had been using the old ping that is)...
Another possibility is if you connected the 4 wire one without the voltage regulator, it is dead and will always return 255. They are very sensitive to over-voltage, which is why I am pleased the new ones have the regulator built in.

furnished connector wire had the regulator online, and I wired like tutorial, Grid, black, D21black-Echo, green, D22white-Trigger, white, D21white, Power, red, D21Rred. if I continue to have a problem, can I just use the ping 3 wires connected to D21, and set both ports in settings window to D21?
Thanks for your time and interest, Bill
Yes, you can use the 3 wire ping and connect both ECHO and PING to one port, such as D21
Hi DJ and Alan, Well, it turned out to be a faulty green connection wire and looseness of the white wire on the pin. Unit arrived with those two wires not connected to the device, so I guess I should have wondered why!? No problem, just part of the overall learning curve adventure. Thanks again for your comments and advice, Bill