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Some Ideas On Using Sonars And Ir's

on object and bumpers for robot
to get a very good distance from sonar or IR,most read from like 3cm to 80cm
its only a example but problem is the nearest reading will be off
to make it from from 0 to the farthest detection ,set the sensor back on the robot
if 3cm then thats the distance to set it back
can do it in software as a offset

another item if your sensor doesnt have a stable reading try 1-10 mfd on the v+ pin on the sensor board,it does need to be one the pcb for it to work well
dont want to go to high or to low of a value

another tip for using IR sensors if you place it horiz it will have the widest detection
if placed vertical is good for edges and small objects like rods or legs

to narrow the beam pattern on sonars to detect small objects use a paper tube line with sound asborbing material placed on transmitting sonar


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my bad...thought you are talking about IR, that maxsonar is pricey:(
$20 each if buy 10 or more like i do,.much higher accuracy,for better navigation,single hole ,ultra low current,even have underwater sonars too
Actually they are $25 now, still too much for my liking. I think i will just go with SR04 in front, two IR under body for clip detection forward and reverse, probably another SR04 in back if I can fit everything under there.
not if you buy 10,$21.90 no shipping charges
I can't find the one that is $21.90, can you post a link?
its $21.90 each if you buy 10 of them $219.50 total
when i order the last time i paid $17.50 because i got a deal for 20 total cost i paid was $350
now need 20 more almost
Thanks...how do these work in ARC? Since I only see support for HC-SR04.
that have ping and echo,ping is RECEIVE pin on maxsonar ECHO is PWM pin then it works the same
also has analog output and TTL
also can select the MAXSONAR for the beam width ,on other sonars like parallax ,hc-sr04,srf04 and others you cant
goes by the model # and gives info on the site witch sensor is need for object beening detected
I will try one and see what difference it make, which one is best to buy? EZ1? im not expert there are so many maxsonar model...lol
LV-MAXSONAR-EZ1 is the most common for detection objects and people,it
like detecting a pencil or leg EZ4 has the smallest beam width
LV line draws 2 ma plus low voltage
Got it. Probably gonna use this on my omnibot 2000 project. Wall-E is already getting expensive :).

How about making wall-e into line following robot as well, is that possible? how?

yes that is where i am using mine on too
line folling is easy only need a led and detector something like IR but just a little different.mostly a optical sensor but very close together,there a simple package for it 4 pin low cost ,will locate the one i have and get the part # or see if i have a lot so can sell some ,i think they cost about $5

info on a line following robot
how it works : you place a black line on the floor about 1/4 TO 1/2 width and the floor needs to be a light color ,like white is perfect no black color in is ,can use white paper with a black line in the center now,IR LED SENDS the light to the black line and returns back to the IR detector,depending on the type of digital output high or low
if a black line is high ,white line is low,or if sensor is inverted then black line is low and white is high,doesnt matter witch output,can be set up in ARC

now circuit very simple IR LED needs a current set resistor and IR DETECTOR most 2 pins emitter and collector,emitter goes to gnd and collector has a pull up of 10k resistor,somes times is a IR diode used as a detector with anode and cathode
but most use whats called a IR phototranstor as a detector
Ok I have the simple package you're talking about that has both IR and Detector in one package, but how do you hook it up to EZ-B and how to set up in ARC? same with the IR cliff detection script...I've ordered the IR sensor and maxsonar...don't leave me hanging:)
need a part # of the IR PACKAGE ,on script cant use clff detection because it analog input
IR AND DETECTOR can not be analog,needs to be digital
also has to be refective type ,not like IR sensors you are using

this one will work

refective ir sensor

The QTR-1RC reflectance sensor carries a single infrared LED and phototransistor pair in an inexpensive, tiny 0.5" x 0.3" module that can be mounted almost anywhere and is great for edge detection and line following applications

alsomost forgot you need 2 of them,for for left turning motor ,one for right turning motor, sensor is side to side when mounting them

dual and 8 refective ir sensor
The part # is QRD1114. What i meant was i still need the script for cliff detection for Wall-E. And i know the line detection need a separate script. But til now i seen no example codes, just want to get a head start once i get all the parts in im ready to go. If you got time, please post example scripts for IR cliff detection using these sensor, bought two of them already:


I want to use the part # above for line following if possible since i have them already, two of them. also need to know script to work with it in ARC for this.
do you have the board for it,i have a few at home,can put them together and test them ,middle of next week,arm and eye hurting me a little from a small fall

code part should be easy,and much help in forum too
Ouch...glad you are ok. What board? I have the parts only, if you can test them please do.
Actually I bought the package with boards already soldered so I'm good to go:)
Thought you're talking about the line IR...lol, did you take a look at the part # i posted? Will that work or need external components?
no other parts needed except 3 pin cable