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Software Does Not Find Application On My Hp Pavillion

I have downloaded the ARC software to the Windows Firefox Browser on my MacBook Pro, AND my HP Pavillion. In both cases there is no application that wants to open this .msi file. I downloaded an app from my App store that supposedly can open any type of file, but when attempting to view this file it's "all Greek" to me! Now what?


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ARC is Windows only. This will not work on your Macbook Pro.

On your HP Pavillion, what version of Windows are you running? Minimum version is Windows 7, and it will have the Windows Installer installed, which should recognize the .MSI file.

If for some reason your file associations have been messed up, you can open a command prompt, navigate to your downloads directory (easiest way to do this is to open up file explorer, hit shift and right click on your download directory, and select Open Command Prompt Here) and then in the window that opens type:

msiexec /i "ARC installer.msi"



Hey techguru

I don't know what happened but when i went back to the file and attempted to open it again it did so just fine. Weird! It is almost as if it hadn't completely downloaded and was unable to open.

The Pavillion is my wife's so I don't use it often. There's a good chance it was more me than the file or the computer!

So the program is working fine on the Pavillion, and I am doing the Tutorials on my Mac. So far so good.

Any news on when the program will be available for OX S or Apple?



Any news on when the program will be available for OX S or Apple?
Unlikely ever. It uses the .NET framework.

Options are Parallels or Virtual Box to run a Windows instance under OS X or if you are a programmer, you can use the Mon SDK to create your own software which should run on OS X since it is a Linux variant.



Computers can behave like that. I have had everything that could possibly happen occur on my 6 computers and laptops. They are strange beasts, and are even worse the newer you get!

There is an iOS app, but as of now there is nothing for OS X.