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Have you done a Google search for Robotic hand ? An ebay search also shows many options.
I have, and I can't seem to find that hand. I'm going to try to fit it on my already crammed robot, and it needs to be that small.
As I've said before, the melissa hands are too much for me to afford. I'm looking for a cheaper option like on the 500$ robot that i've linked. Should I just make my own hands?
must it be a real hand .or is gripper also good.
Nope, nothing. Does anyone have any idea what these small little single servo hands are called?
Here is a site where a guy made his own grippers patterned after the Melissa hands for $50.

Here is one from
Do you think I could 3D print a pair of hands like that? Also, you gave me exactly what I was looking for- THANK YOU! :D
I don't have a 3D printer but I'm searching to see if anyone else has done this and has posted their plans.
Also you may want to look and see if you could use very small roller chain to create the fingers. That might make creating them a lot easier.
roller chain web site
Here's a URL to a 3D printer version using rubber bands and fishing line to control the fingers. It could be converted to a servo controlled hand.

User-inserted image
Here is a link that shows others are making them. Although, these are not for sale, it could give others the ideas needed to print them.

Also searching with Google Images may give some inspiration.


Is there any way you could shrink down the model for that 3d printed makerbot hand and make it fairly small? I want to make it small and light, it has to rotate on a microservo that serves as a wrist.
Yes, you can control the size of each item when you convert the stl to a sliced x3g file for printing. You can print at 100% of the original and if that is to large then you can start choosing smaller versions of the file to slice and print.
Thanks for telling me. Does anyone know of a place that can 3D print near the wyoming area, or can someone print these for me? I may not be getting a 3D printer, it's a pricey investment.

Also, I'm going to use up all 24 digital servo ports. Could I use 2 analog servos to open/close the hands?
The original designer of the hand I posted info about used rubber bands between each (knuckle) to hold the hand open and then connected fishing line to each finger to pull the hand closed. It may be possible to connect a single servo to turn and pull all the fishing lines at once. Torque would be an issue as well as how strong the rubber bands are that hold the hand (fingers) open.
What i'm going to do is what the melissa hand does- it opens/closes using a single servo. I'm going to add two hands, so I was wondering if I could use a analog servo for each hand. Thanks!