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Small Headset Mic Suggestions Needed

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a small wireless headset mic with a mute function for when I am using voice control with my R2D2 in a crowded room or convention.

Does anyone have an good suggestions? For some reason I am not having any luck in my search; they either don't have a mute button or are designed to work with a cellphone. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!



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In another thread yesterday, I linked to this headset that I got with Dragon Naturally Speaking 13:

When used with its included dongle instead of the PC built in Bluetooth, it is the only BT headset that has consistently maintained a connection as the default audio device for me without constant fiddling. The microphone button acts as a mute button.

If you pair it to your PC bluetooth instead of using the pre-paired Dongle, it acts like a mobile phone headset, which have trouble maintaining connections to Windows (although I have found Windows 10 to be better than Windows 7 at that).

The device is fairly expensive, and has terrible reviews on Amazon, but it has worked well for me for it's intended purpose.



Wow, you weren't kidding about the horrible reviews on amazon. Can't remember when I've seen so many one star reviews and strong negative feedback. And holy cow is it pricy. I'm surprised you bought this mic. Was it a gift or free? sick



I'm surprised you bought this mic. Was it a gift or free?

It came with the edition of Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 I bought at a huge discount (because I am a previous customer, so they offer big discounts to upgrade). It was essentially free because the price of the upgrade with the included headset is less than the cost of the non-discounted product without the headset.



Thank you Alan! I'll look into that model.


Hey Guys! Found an absolutely great low profile solution for a mic. This thing has crazy range and seems to work extremely well with the platform.

This headset can be used for a phone or a PC with its supplied dongle. I've bee testing it all week and am extremely happy with it.

I don't think that $140 is to much for something that works and it has the mute feature I was looking for. The mute is toggle with a button and gives you a voice prompt." target='_blank' rel="nofollow">Sennheiser Bluetooth Headset for Universal Devices- Retail Packaging - Silver/Black