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Six - Reversed Direction

Upfront my apologies for a somewhat embarrassing question, but I am a total newbie with EZ robots. A parent at my school donated a Six to get some robotics classes going, yay:). So today I followed all the instructions to assemble it, got it to connect etc. In pose view I can access all 12 servos and they all seem to be properly wired. What I can't figure out right now is the fact that directions are reversed, if I choose move left, Six moves to the right, if its forward Six moves clearly backwards. What little thing do I keep overlooking? I am using the app on an Android tablet.


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Without seeing a photo, my guess is that the servos nearest the body are all mounted upside down, so they are going the opposite direction of the commands.



Well, you've come to the right place - because ez-robot is about learning robotics. If you had any prior knowledge of robotics, you'd be less than %0.001 of the population:) so no need to worry about not knowing much, yet!

Camera is simply facing the wrong way :D:D:D:D

The learn section of this ez-robot website has all of the information you will need... and more! We have spent a significant portion of our life dedicated to creating videos and tutorials that are the best in the world for robotics. Have fun!


Oh god ... eyeroll that is exactly what I did. Me "following" the instructions. I think I could have stared at the robot for another hour not noticing it. Thank you so much for the quick response. This platform is awesome.


6 servos mounted upside down.


Haha. yes - following instructions sometimes is difficult to do when you're excited to get the robot up and running:D. I'm a firm believer that building the robot is a very important part of the journey because we're never too old to keep learning! Have fun:D