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Six Hexapod Ez-Robot Not Visible Any More Thru Wifi Direct

Hi, I just bought the Six Hexapod EZ-Robot. I followed all instructions and succedded in building, downloading, and getting it started through a laptop: it eventually moved the dance and everything. But after a few days, even with a fully loaded battery, I have the audio message "Im an unable to connect to your network". And the robot is not visible any more, either from the laptop or from any other mobile device. Even when I disconnet and reconnect the WIFI on the laptop (ASUS UX303L) or other devices (Samsung A5 2017 or One Plus 5). When it was indeed connected a few days ago, it was always thru the laptop or hte One Plus 5: I never was able to connect it through the A5 2017. I do not know what to do next. Please help: how can I connect the Six Hexapod EZ-Robot?


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You or someone has configured the robot to connect to a network in client mode

Press the reset button on the ezb to restore it to AP WiFi mode.

Follow these instructions from the learn section:

While you’re at it, maybe a password for the robot’s WiFi will prevent your neighbors from changing the settings:) you can follow this tutorial which shows how to change the WiFi name, and add a password:


Hi there, And sorry for replying that late. Thank you so much to DJ Sures who was right indeed. Everything ok following his instructions. Take care. Best regards.