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Shipment To India

I dont know whether this is the place to discuss this........

I want EZ-B Robot Controller Suite to be shipped to india but can u tell me how much time will it take [ i know u wrote b/w 10 - 30 days but can you be a bit more specifc ] ?? ( i really need it within the next 15 days)
and also - would this whole shipment thing include custom duties or things like that....?? or would it directly reach me at my home???


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Your country will have import taxes of anything you purchase. That's called Duty here. Your government will tax you on the cost of an item purchased internationally. Sometimes they don't beleive the sticker price and try to ding you for more. That's a problem that you may have to take up with your brokerage company, sadly.

As for 15 days... I can honestly say that the current method of shipping takes longer then 15 days to get to some countries. It has been a headache with this project. The price of the item includes hardware, assembly and software. There is very little room to raise the price for quicker shipping.

I have on my "list of things to do" a choice on the website to pay for faster expedited shipping. I don't know the cost to India. But if you'd like to tell me what city, state, country you are in, i can give you an estimated cost. I can send you a custom paypal request and have the board expedited to you.
shipment address - Indian Institute of Technology [IIT] Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam, India

here the city is *Guwahati* and the state is *Assam*

If it takes lesser time you can also ship it to - city - *Faridabad* in the state *Haryana* which is in the Near Capital Region.

If you could give me the total estimate cost [ which includes the Duty then that would be great ] and also the estimated time in the case where u use the faster shipping method then that would be great.
Okay wicked. Looking into it now.
Awaiting ur reply.........
Oh geez it isn't going to be cheap.

I can ship International Parcel - Air and they gaurentee 6-10 business days. It's $66.42 Canadian dollars.

I checked purolator and ups, but their numbers are out to lunch. They want $160!
Does this $66.42 include the duty?

if not...... can u tell me how much the duty will be and also how and where to pay it.......

[i have never really received an international parcel before.....]

it would be best if i could pay the duty to u and u get the parcel directly at the shipping address.
I have to visit the post office today. i'll inquire while i'm there for you about the duty.
dont bother now.....
The last date for my project is very near.....
i will look fr some other means to complete it......
thanks fr ur help anyways.......
Sorry we're not able to pay your duty. I met with the post office and it won't be possible to India. However, we can ship it to India for the $66 tomorrow morning when the post office opens. I'll check this website in 24 hours to see your response if you change your mind:)
Can anyone tell me the price of revolution jd in india? *confused*