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Sharing Workspaces/Code Between Pc And Mobile App (Ios)

Hi, We're new to robotics and new to ARC as well; apologies if this question has been asked before.

Is it possible to create RoboScratch/Blockly/EZ-Script code in ARC on a PC and then somehow transfer the code to a mobile device (iOS)? What about transferring from one mobile device to another?

These functions are important to us as we work in education using devices that are shared between students. We've tried saving a Blockly workspace on the PC and emailing or using Google Drive to transfer it to a mobile device but the mobile app doesn't appear to be able to navigate outside of its own boundaries to load the new workspace.

We had great hopes for sharing between devices and EZ-Cloud but it seems to save the project and not the workspace. Are we missing something? Thanks in advance.


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Depending on your intended application, is it possible to have the students create their own mobile interface with a button that runs their Blockly/RoboScratch script and then try out each other's apps instead of loading individual workspaces?


Professor E, this is a great suggestion! We hadn't even considered sharing between students, but that would be an awesome way to do it.

In the world of shared devices, it simplifies life if students don't have to use the same device every time. If they can create a workspace, save it to the cloud and then download on any device, their work is safe from interference by other users and easy for teachers to access for assessment.

DJ's answer in the top thread above, about moving from the on-the-fly workspace to the script editor, will likely provide that type of functionality, at least on the PC. I'll play with it a bit more. This is mostly about figuring out our options so that we can get the best use out of the devices we have available. Thanks very much for your reply and for all of the online support.