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Servos Not Responding To Fine Tune Profile Calibration

Two of the servos in JD will not respond when I try the Fine Tune calibration. I have checked the connections to be sure they are tight and correct. Other than replacing the servos, any other suggestions? One is the top right arm, closest to the body (shoulder) and one is on left leg, closets to the body.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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If servos do not respond to fine tune, or move at all, then they must be replaced. I recommend replacing with the latest HDD servos, which we are very proud of. They were developed with the classroom in mind, with significant longevity enhancements. All servos sold by EZ-Robot as of April 1st, 2017 are the new HDD Servos.

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Thanks I replaced and indeed that was the only solution! Will look into getting the new ones you mentioned.


You're going to love the new ones! Contact Us and request an upgrade to the HDD servos. Tell us how many robots you have, and what models. They're practically invincible!

Although, similar to Gremlins... don't get them wet, or feed them after midnight.